Ft. Bragg barracks.


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Jul 30, 2008
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I know that there are MORE important things in the world but I just watched a you tube video regarding barracks conditions with the 82nd. I spent the mid-90's @ Bragg / 2/325 and the barracks were o.k. ( Ardennes and Einhoven sts.)/ across from 2nd, BDE. and the shopette. Which units were involved out of curiousity? If anybody finds this out of line, I will shut my mouth.

All of the ones that still remain are scheduled for demolition. It's taking longer than originally planned.

If it's the video I'm thinking it was:

The video (the one I'm familiar with) shows a barracks whose unit in particular was deployed and due to some vandals, idiots and other things, it did not show favorably on the Army by the vid alone. IIRC, seems the parents of this soldier were concerned. A buddy of mine is the current CSM for the one shown in the vid and is very aware of it's condition.
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