Good Language to Learn?


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Jun 28, 2011
Michigan, United States
I'm about to start my second year at school. I'm majoring in International Business which requires you to take a foreign language. What are some good languages to peruse for the best possibility of getting sent to 10th group (should i get selected and complete the training). I know all too well that the Army will do with me as they please, however, if I had the choice to control my own destiny I would like to end up in 10th Group (again, assuming I am selected and make it through training). With that in mind, if any one could please point me in a decent direction, i'd appreciate it.
P.s. My apologies, I used the search to look to see if a thread had been posted and did not come up with anything, lo and behold immediately after posting this i scroll down to see that a simular topic had all ready been posted.
You could learn Shyriiwook. That would give you a good chance of going to whatever group you want. Once you can speak that your true Jedi ninja powers can be unleashed on the world.

Or you could learn Russian.
Thank you cback. Using the force has been really touch and go for me so Russian may a be better option...But i've got another 3 years to work on the Jedi Skills!
Rman...French is my recommendation. On any continent, someone will speak it. 10th group is covering down on Africa so it makes sense.
I'd say learn Chinese if you are going International Business... They're going to own everything soon enough anyway.
Hindi or Russian. Governments have lots of CN speakers right now but those two seem to have dwindling numbers.
Have you tried googling the group AO's and languages? But as a heads up a lot of my buddies are learning Russian for 10th SFG but French and Arabic are also in there as far as I know. As for hindi, that isn't taught here at SWC but if you just stick with the business degree it will be a huge plus.
Would German be another good language to learn if one wanted to be in 10th group?

It would if you can speak it well enough to pass the DLPT 5 in that language. But the schoolhouse no longer teaches German, so you would be on your own to learn it.