Got my contract


Oct 13, 2008
I enlisted in the Army with a 68W+option 40 contract. I leave for basic in June. Finally I can stop talking about wanting to join, and say that I finally made that 1st step in becoming a Ranger. Time to ruck my ass off lol :)
Good show! Take it one step at a time. Basic training, then AIT. You don't want to spend all your time looking too far ahead, that you wind up tripping up on something that's right in front of you.

Enough advice from me, though. Congratulations on taking that first step.
Congrats and best wishes on your enlistment. You have 6 months to train for your enlistment date, and you should develop a training plan that will put you where you physically and mentally need to be when you ship out. All the best on your goals of becoming a Ranger...
Good luck buddy. Remember no bong hits before basic. You'll burn a hole in your pee cup when you get there.

Write me when you get to SOCM.
Congrats on the contract. Your going to have a good time down there in San Antonio. Try not to party to hard, and dont forget to study.
Thanks for stepping up and signing the dotted line and taking the oath.

Good luck on your future endeavors. ;)
Good luck lil bro!!

You'd do well to follow that sig line you used to have....but you already know that!!

Like boon said....have fun!!