Hard Times

If another large scale conflict was to happen in Europe, which affected the whole continent, you can bet your bottom bollocks that Europe would be screaming for the US.
What do you mean with "large scale conflict"? And What's Europe? EU? NATO? Both? Russia Included? But above all what is the threat? Maghreb? Meddle-Est? Sarkozy? Merkel? The Queen?

How many European countries benefit from a strong military relationship with the US? How many have benefitted from recieving equipment from the US? At recieving training from US personnel?

How many benefits has US on european territories in exchange of this training and equipments? how much sovereignty must give the europe?

As for A'Stan, it's my belief that regardless of support, the US was going in there to clean house and even on it's own, would've done the job. It just so happened that they had a mandate fully approved by European countries... Usually, if you support a major military attack politically, it's just plain good manners to support it militarily too.

Indeed we are proud to support America politically and militarily and will continue too.

I often thought to protect you from yourselves.

Oh thanks Daddy... (Bill I'm very sorry for this reply my friend) the last time you defended the city of my father the bombings have claimed more than 20,000 civilian deaths (collateral damages they said)

If you want to demonize America that is OK with me because you have done more to hurt Europe by taking on the Euro than the US could do in a millenium.

I do not want to demonize America ... but I do not recognize the America of a time..... Euro?..LOL that's the Europe I wanna fight.... Bill you know I love America for me is the best Country to live... (After Italy of course)

Our government officials have not learned technology does not replace warriors.

Holy words Bill... that's the problem.... Too many people think that wars are won only with EoTech, NVG, Satellites, Computers, Drones.. and so on...

All I'm going to say is that it wasn't just Americans who were killed in those towers, that Pennsylvania field, and the Pentagon.

Indeed.. thank goodness that you want to defend us...

We went to Libya because YOUR politicians asked, it's been a two-way street for a long time.

I know very well the reasons why you were in Libya... and I told you... for any claims call DGSE and Sarko....

Anyway volks I want to clarify that I am one of your supporters ... you do not know those in Europe who want to fight you...

God bless you all

Since I am Greek, I think I should put a few thoughts in this thread.

It is a fact that for decades Europe has been allowed to "hide" behind American military capabilities, be they nuclear or conventional. A look at the percentage of military budgets compared to GDP in the two sides of the Atlantic, for the last 4-5 decades, icluding most of the Cold War, tells this story quite objectively.

Mike_cos asked a good question when he said "which" Europe, because even today there is no such thing as a politicaly or economicaly unified "Europe", and maybe no "present danger" for mainland European nations, in the clear way Americans perceive it after 9/11.

I for one, am already thinking more in terms of... "The West", including most parts of the former Warsaw Pact.

Check the situation of the world right now and maybe we will all discover that there are other powers evolving very rapidly, powers that are much more distant to the ideals of what we would call "Western Civilization" and "Western Democracy", powers that have enormous populations and an ever growing global economic and political significance.

I think it would be a good idea for both sides of the Atlantic to stick together in the coming times, but I am not so sure that its going to happen.

If it doesnt, it may prove regretable for all of us.