Hello from Pittsburgh


Oct 2, 2010

I'm currently a 2nd year engineering graduate student that has no military background, but am interested in joining the Army some time in the future.

I look forward to all the knowledge I can gain from the board regarding Army SF, and will try and contribute where it is appropriate for me to do so.

Thanks for having me on ShadowSpear!

Very respectfully,
Welcome, Um are you from Pitt or just going to school there....your answer will have baring on if I ban you or not
What school are you at Eric? Obviously you are NOT from Da'burgh or you would be on da Sous Side N'at watchin' dem Stillers!:p
Welcome to SS!
Polar Bear,
I'm originally from Texas, but have been in Pittsburgh for the past 5 years for school. Not sure if this makes me a Yinzer or not :p:

I go to CMU - wish I could be at Hof right now!

car and everyone,
Thanks for the warm welcome!
LOL Eric..I was going to guess CMU cause if you're engineering thats the place to be! Great School! And I <3 the Hof!
Welcome to the site. Five years in school? You studying to be a doctor, or are you just slow? ;)