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May 12, 2010
My name is Sam. After I graduate, I'm going to enlist as an 11B in the United States Army. I'm starting to train this summer to get ready to go to basic training the summer of 2011. I'm really excited to be doing this for my country, family and friends. God bless America and our troops at home and overseas :)

Lots of people read this board, your future bosses your current enemies as well as your future enemies.
They keep files, think about that.
Posting your real name isn't a good idea anywhere on the net.
If I were you, I'd take "Army" and "Infantry" off your profile. You ain't earned either one yet.
Keys, are you enlisted?

If not you need to remove Army/Infantry from your profile. As has been stated you haven't earned that yet.
Hello and welcome, Sam, you should let Mara know he ought to capitalize your first name...


Sam, welcome to the site. Over the course of your career and in life you will be judged by many things; your written and oral communication skills create an initial impression of you and help determine whether or not people take you seriously. The informal standard on this site is "generally correct and free of errors," don't expect a warm reception from the professionals here if you insist on communicating in "text speak."

I edited your initial post to show you an example of appropriate informal written communication. For your sake I hope this is the last time an officer has to clean up behind you.

Congratulations on your choice to serve, I look forward to you being a member of this site.
Not open for further replies.