House speaker vote

The spin is amazing. Cruz said this is good because it shows that the party does not walk in lock-step like the democrats. There might be a grain of truth to this, but also shows the dysfunction within the party.

That's some amazing attempt at spin.

I know Crenshaw gets a decent amount of shit for being more centrist, but I think his comments mirror yours.

Paraphrasing, but he was saying those on the flank of the party (Bobert, Gaetz, etc) were making the GOP look foolish and giving them Dems points to the idea that the GOP is fracturing and can't govern.

To add separately, what's the over under in our current crazy timeline that they wind up accidentally electing the minority leader as speaker?

If 8/9 GOP members miss a vote or vote "present" he'd win the role.

It's crazy to think that's even a possibility.
They are still counting but the votes are going exactly the same way. Those 20 GOP for Donalds and the Dems 100% for Jeffries.