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Intel Nerd

Intelligence Analyst
Verified Military
Feb 21, 2020

I've been following this page off and on for the last few years and decided to register and properly form an introduction.

I'm a US Army NCO currently getting started on the pipeline to instruct in my MOS. I've worked tactical and strategic deployments and units included some limited SOF SME support in the ME.

I've been offered a chance to apply for A&S with a SMU and hope to learn more here about rebuilding my physical fitness following several injuries (achilles tendon following a 100+ mile ruck marching event, motorcycle induced shoulder injury aggravated by the gym, and multiple lower leg injuries over the course of a few months that caused other problems). I'm physically about 98% recovered, but need to rebuild where I was at and look forward to learning from those with more experience than me.

Thank you for your consideration.

-Intel Nerd