Intro from Idaho

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Nov 11, 2009
Horseshoe Bend, Idaho
Greetings All. I entered Active Army at age 22 in 77. Basic at Dix, Infantry and Basic Airborne at Benning. After ETSing in 82, I never thought I would be in uniform again, however I heard about the Active Guard Reserve program from my brother-in-law. The pay was motivation enough, so after an 8 year break I reenlisted in the Idaho National Guard in supply. Got on full time after MOSQ in an Air Ambulance Huey unit. 4 years later the unit went to Blackhawks and reorganized. The supply slot went away so off I went to Ft. Eustis, VA to 67T MOSQ. Worked my way up the ladder as a crewchief and retired in 07 as the unit 1SG. I wanted to join this Network to continue to stay in touch with the most professional and self-sacrificing soldiers I have ever met. The Special OPS Soldiers of all the branches have always humbled me and I thank all of you for your outstanding service and your devotion to brothers.

Where abouts in ID? Pass through the panhandle regularly - it's pretty country up there.

Thanks for the welcomes everyone. My location in Idaho, LibraryLady, is about 40 miles north of Boise. You are right about the beauty of the panhandle. Wife and I try to visit friends in Sandpoint annually.
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