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How old are you? What are you doing to achieve your goals? Are you active or do you sit on your butt and play video games all day? It's not Call of Duty kid.

Oh yeah...Welcome.

1. If you are trying to say that you want to be a sniper, that's great but you can't do that here. You'll need a new name, one that has nothing with "sniper" in it. "Wannabe SEAL" "18B Hopeful" are other examples of names we don't allow.
2. Unless Google is broken, isn't sniper "francotirador?"

Please PM an Admin like Boon, Polar Bear/ PB, or myself with your new name and we can make that happen.
Aaaannnnnnndddddddd we're done here. Pro Tip: I would find another email to use when you register as well. You're welcome to return, but you need to heed our advice in this thread first.
Not open for further replies.