What special forces branch should I join?

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Adan Eudave

Sep 6, 2011
Denver, Colorado
Hey everyone my name is Adan Eudave. I am currently not enlisted in the military but I will soon. I really want to join special forces, either Delta or Nevy Seals but I am undecided. I think I will be qualified for the job since I have a lot of experience playing Call of Duty Black Ops. I am incrediblely good at COD and have an outstanding record. I have an appointment set up with a recruiter next Thursday and I'm going to ask him if I can go ahead and skip basic training and enter as an E-8. I already have experience killing men and using weapons/explosives due to playing COD. Like I said before I am really good, infact one time I went 30 kills to 3 deaths on WMD in Team Deathmatch. When I play I make sure to set my control on viberate so that I will be used to the recoil of a real gun whenI use them. Anyways I weigh around 230lbs and am about 5’5” but I might be able to shave off 3 or 4 pounds if I really set my mind to it. I don't think my weight will matter though since I'm pretty much overqualified as it is due to how good I am on online matches.

I am also considering Nevy EOD to. Again my COD experience will really factor into this. I am really good with the perk Hacker on COD. And when I say good I mean REALLY GOOD! One time I was able to disarm 4 enemy claymores before my team members triggered them on the map Grid. Anyways I decided to have a serious talk with my buddies they other day and they also think I would be great for the job. I know I can do it since I have a lot of experience disarming explosives using Hacker, heck I even unlocked Hacker Pro one time. Again I want to go ahead and skip basic training and go straight into Explosive Disposal training. The only reason I am skeptical about joining is that I'm not sure how I will be able to see the explosives. . Will they give me a pair of goggles that will light up enemy equipment (eg. mines, motion sensors, jammers, claymores/explosives, etc) red so that I can spot it out easily or will they give me something else? I need to before I ask my recruiter.

I also have started working out quite a bit so that I can shave off a few pounds. I work on my cardio 6 mins everyday but I make sure to take a 5 min. break before I start my workout. I also do arm curls using empty tomatoe sauce cans and I even fill them with gravel sometimes when I looking for little bit more of a challenge.

Anyways that is eenough about me and I want to go ahead and thank the admins for accepting. I hope to see many of you in the miliatry soon when I am accepted into special forces!
Well, you seem to be well and ready to join an elite group of soldiers. You're motivated, fit, you have your marksmanship down and sound like a genuine patriot.

You sound like you're just the guy that these guys are looking for:

I don't know if you're trolling or of you are truly that unaware of who we are and what we're about. You're done here.
I really want to join special forces, either Delta or Nevy Seals but I am undecided.

Just what, or who is a "Nevy Seals?

Anyways I weigh around 230lbs and am about 5’5” but I might be able to shave off 3 or 4 pounds if I really set my mind to it.

Dropping a pound or 4 would be good. Always check with your doc to be sure you are up to the task; no sense in taking too many risks.

This is pretty good, hard to not like the kid:-". A budding drone pilot; no doubt:rolleyes:.

RF 1
Come on guys, didn't you sense the humor in his post. He's fuckin' with us. In fact he's probably a member on here. Do an IP scan match up?

In the rare event this post is real, he's really too far out of touch with reality to even help him at this point. Only way to fix it is two to the chest one to the head.
Interesting intro. Definitely unique. Doubt we'll see any copycats, but ya never know.

I don't think you're well rounded enough yet. You need to do some time with the Medal of Honor and Battlefield series. It would be best if you practiced these while taking a cold shower in a darkened bathroom to really get a sense of the environment. Be sure you set the default language on the DVD to one you don't know. That will help with your language immersion training. You might as well go ahead and do the Assassin's Creed series also. You be even better qualified to move into the Goat Staring program than you are right now. If you are really interested in getting a head start on your training, let me know and I will send you my note copies from the Ranger Correspondence course. Some of the notes have ice cream, cookie and soda stains from when I was really struggling thru a rough phase in the course but this will help you practice your deciphering skill. I'm sure The Troll will be along shortly to help clear up any suggestions or advice for you that I may have overlooked. Just a word of caution, keep an eye out for a black helicopter, I fear there is one coming for you shortly.
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