Dec 22, 2011
Hello everyone, I've been a member of the board for quite some time now; I've been using the site as a tool to gather information about Army Special Forces in the hopes that it would aid me in the recruitment process. On my last visit i happened to notice the "Mentor Program" and thought that it would be a great opportunity to learn a thing or two.

Some info about myself; I'm a full-time College student (Community College) and a part-time Personal Trainer, I plan on enlisting in the 18x program and to DEP until after next semester (Mini-semester :D) when i will earn my AA-Degree.

Welcome aboard.
Thanks for the welcome guys
What do you take?
I take up space, lol :ROFLMAO:
Just General Studies, when i enrolled i couldn't make my mind up on a specific major since they all looked interesting; So i went with a jack of all trades so to speak... Medical terminology, Psychology, Exercise Science ect... Lately, I've been enjoying my Political Science classes so that might be something to keep in mind if i get the chance at going back for a BA.
Welcome to SS. Attention to detail is important for the goal you have in mind. Your, "So i went with a jack of all trades so to speak", should be upper case I.
Best of luck in your efforts.

RF 1