Oct 22, 2020
Hello all. I’m a father who can’t claim the honor of serving our country. I do have a son who is an advanced brown shirt in the SWCC pipeline and I'm immensely proud of him.

I discovered this site during his "Tour;" four days & three nights of staring at my phone, praying it wouldn’t ring. It didn’t ring until Thursday afternoon, when I received the proudest phone call of my life!

During those long days & nights, I discovered Shadow Spear. I devoured every single post by @Arf, and then read every single one again & again. I’ve since read them all a few extra times. BTW @Arf, thank you providing the premier information about SWCC on the internet. Seriously!

Anyway, I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to interact with all of you. I fear I have little to offer, unless you want a parent’s perspective of the selection process and hopefully a successful SWCC career. But if there's anything I can offer, I'm grateful to do so.

Thank you Shadow Spear!