Feb 9, 2012
Hello there, I'm new to the board and I'm interested in learning some general things about SOF and would like to just network with some of the guys who do SpecOps in real life. Not a pro here. Just came to learn something new.

Anyway thanks for letting me join.
Why do you want to learn? Are you writing a paper? Considering joining the military? A little bit more information would be more helpful for both yourself and the members on this site.
I came here for educational reasons as I stated in my first post. Just here to gain knowledge, that's all.:-)
No, because you're posts are eerily similar to several trolls we've had.... However, if you're NOT a Troll (you know, after a month or so) I will CERTAINLY retract my statement along WITH an apology... Good deal mate?;)
Hey everyone, this is a welcome thread, not an interrogation thread. Please leave the modding to the moderators.

Welcome aboard.
Thanks for the warm welcomes. I am here for personal reasons. I am interested to learn more about the training.
Browse through the forum or use the search function, there's lots of info already on here. If you can't find what you're looking for, then start a thread asking your question; if it's not violating OPSEC you'll get an answer.