Jun 26, 2012
Hello, My name is Jeremy. I am 29 years old and have been an Active Duty 4N0X1 (Medic) in the Air Force since Aug 2000. I started off my Career at Travis AFB in Northern California and have been stationed here ever since (Can't buy a trip out of this place). I deployed in '03 to Jordan (H5) and then foward deployed to BIAP to set up the EMEDS Basic platform at the Airport. I then Deployed in '05 back to Iraq assigned to the 501st MI BGE. This was a very interesting deployment. In '06 I deployed to Southwest Asia (Zambo, Jolo, Tawi Tawi). In '07/'08 I deployed to Afghanistan as a Medical Liason in the Medical TOC at BAF. Upon my return I completed my Paramedic and received my SEI-456. I have spent 8 years in Ambulance service and ER, 3 years in Pediatrics and now I am working as the EMT/BLS program director. I also teach Security Forces, our EST, as well as local OSI in Field Medicine. Wife, two kids and a house take up most of my off duty time.