Nov 26, 2015
Hey y'all, I've been lurking this wonderful site since around June or July and finally decided to make an account.

I just graduated highschool last summer and for the last couple of months highschool, I had no idea what I wanted to do in life. Around December of 2014 I took my ASVAB in highschool, and got a decent score of 75, if I recall correctly, and once I was getting calls from recruiters, and after talking with an Army recruiter, I decided I wanted to join the military. Long story short, I found Mike Maroney's channel on YouTube around graduation and set my sights on becoming a PJ.

To keep this as short as possible, upon graduating highschool, I was obese. I weighed 250+ lbs. at 5'9 and knew joining the Air Force would be a long road ahead of me. I've gotten down to 215 lbs. as of writing this and know many more pounds will be loss.

Thank you all for posting all the information that makes up this site. I truly appreciate it.