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Feb 10, 2018
I wish I could say I am surprised, but I'm not. Worst, wish I could say crap like this didn't happen in the Q, but I can't. Sucks that the kid probably has some type of concussion, hopefully, he fully recovers. Glad it was caught off something that no one died from.


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Jun 29, 2014
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Shit like this happens.

It's not so much the slapping. I think we could all come up with examples of hazing and stupid training stunts. But NSW has raised the level of CYA to new heights only nobody can get their story straight. Jesus Christ, you're SOF...if you're gonna lie, at least do it well.
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Mar 19, 2018
The problem is NOT the employment of “challenge bets” that demonstrates the real problem. The problem isn't making Sailors drink dip-spit or making them shave their heads or taking away their food. It isn't about group punishment or giving blood wings to a new paratrooper or the hazing of new troops that has gone on for centuries of military history.

The problem isn't even defined by the tendency for these things to occasionally get out of hand. The true sign that "standards" have been completely compromised at the root level was when the Doc couldn’t get a straight answer.

Is it because folks were worried about being labeled a buddy fucker?
Well, lets deconstruct the word "buddy" and see where it takes us...
-Your "Buddy" is bleeding from orifices that are not supposed to bleed.
-Your "Buddy" just suffered a nasty blunt trauma injury to his head.
-Your "Buddy" is now in need of SERIOUS medical attention.

The correct action at this point is to tell the fucking Doc on the scene that your "buddy" was just talking - and he fell the fuck over -because that is both believable and helpful in providing the emergency care that he needs right now.
"So Doc, this shit was crazy - it was like - *Poof* - one minute he was bringing us all up to speed on string theory and then out of the blue he fell over and whacked his head on the ground."

Really? That seems unlikely...

"Yeah Doc - crazy shit - we wish we could give you a straight answer but our buddy is now fucked because we are "not going to be of help in providing appropriate medical care.” we are worried about being labeled as buddy fuckers.

What is really needed in this class is a few more layers of integrity - and apparently some softer floors to keep the next guy safe when he falls the fuck out for no reason.

...just my two cents - I could be wrong