Length of service with 160th


Dec 25, 2009
I think it was this forum that I read as an enlisted soldier you have a set period of time you can serve in the unit then they boot you out. Did I understand this correctly and if so how long do enlisted personel get to stay?
There is no "you get booted after X number of years" rule. Lots of factors go in to that equation. A very large one is your personal performance. Not too long ago, there was a Soldier who spent about three weeks in the unit before he was shown the door because he wasn't maintaining the standard. And I'm quite sure that's not the record. But I really wouldn't wouldn't worry about that right now. You have a long road before you even get a shot. Recommend you prepare yourself physically and mentally as best you can in the mean time. Understand that you're going to be expected to lead a professional's life even as a junior enlisted Soldier. Don't be surprised when you spend most of your time away from home. But if you make it into Regiment, I promise you'll be glad you did.
Thank you for clarifiying that for me Swill. I was just curious if I understood what I read before hand. Do you also know if they recruite out of AIT?

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Like all things, it depends. Allow me a few days to ask some folks and then I'll PM you with info.
I don't recall any cutoff point for enlisted folks. One of our first sergeants had been in the unit something like 12 years. Many of the NCOs did end of leaving for professional development reasons (only so many first sergeant and CSM positions) but I don't remember anyone who wanted to stay getting booted.