LEOSA--Questions and Answers


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Sep 9, 2006
For my law enforcement and lawyer-type friends, I have some questions about LEOSA (link for anyone reading this who doesn't know what LEOSA is)

So if I understand correctly, a qualified peace/police officer currently on the job falls under LEOSA and can legally carry concealed in all 50 states (with exceptions such as national parks--which I don't understand--and courthouses--which I get). But it doesn't except the officers from mag capacity restrictions. So even if you're on the job, you can't have standard-capacity magazines for your privately owned weapons if you're in (or passing through) a state that restricts them?

Is the above correct? Anything else a LEOSA neophyte should know?
Yeah, it's an odd bird...in a nut shell...

If your a current LEO (local/state)
- off duty, you are subject to the laws of the state, as far as mag capacity and types of loads.
- on official compacity passing through that state (investigation/prisoner pick up..etc)...not applicable and LEOSA does not apply.

Retired LEO:
- Subject to laws of the state for magazine compacity and loads.
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