Let's see that shooter

The spirit of the bayonet.

It goes over the heads of many with the Dunning Kruger because they cannot get past the archaic optics of it and fail to realize that it's not about old fashioned push of pikes on a modern day rifle. It's actually for instilling the willingness to close in with the enemy and destroying them.
X95 Tavor update:

Manticore Luma medium selector installed on right side. Outstanding. Felt like a Radian with the install but is tactile in function as the Bad levers that Roger Wang designed before leaving there to run his own business.

Both Geissele Super Sabra trigger pack and Lightning bow are on the way. Traded for the trigger pack and found a bow in stock.

UA pistol grip on order too. I've grown used to the cutlass it comes with and gives it a scifi slash AUG feel but if I can take some weight away without losing any function, I will.

And the Blk Lbl Mlok no bipod free float is on order direct from Canada, it's manufactured location.

This is going to be fun.
That was an interesting tear down and reassemble session for sure. But it's now mostly all setup for left hand primarily. Printed a more efficient shell deflector, installed what needed to be installed like the Trigger Bow for the Super Sabra trigger pack from Geissele.

It felt like second week at unit armorer class. But without any guidance or mandatory smoke breaks. No instructor busting our nuts and roasting us at the same time. And no female service member that you're interested in at the time who the night before banged four black dudes at once and got caught in the female barracks doing it during work call, being delivered flowers to and feeling like a simp and wanting to die afterwards.

Mixed feelings here 😂


The X95 was finally taken out to be in one of it's natural habitats. Finally zeroed getting it on paper at 25 and then went to 50 to get it where it needed to be at. For those who've said that the Tavor is inaccurate around the internet, you were doing it wrong; they need to either remove that plastic ring on the barrel causing all sorts of bad harmonics during flex with the stock factory handguard, or free float and boom, problem solved. It's a 1 MOA at 50 using AE223 and some of my own reloads.