Little help guys?

Tango Down

Jun 17, 2010
El Segundo,CA
Alright guys, summer's here and my dream to be a SEAL is still here. I would some feedback/ideas on how to physically and mentally pass BUD/S and SQT. So far for the PST I have a couple down. This summer and of course later in life i will keep training for BUD/S. So background on me, I play Right Defensive End for my high school's JV football team and this is the first time in sports team of any kind. My physical aspect is important as well as my academic aspects. Having family history in a naval service make me more than pumped for this.

My attributes for the moment are:

I'm 5'10'' 196lbs
12:27 1.5mile/8:29 1mile
49 push-ups in 2mins
76 sit-ups in 2mins
1 pull up in total
130lbs max bench press
160lbs max squat
(these are starting attributes)

My summer will have a 2 hour football practice and 1 hour in the weight room 4 times per week and MMA classes three times a week for one hour. Plus some extra PT that I will do on my own. My own PT will have an almost daily 2mile run and assorted exercises.

Any exercises/drills or things of that sort that will help me boost up to SEAL competitive standards? I know this isn't going to happen in weeks or months and hat it will take time, I just want to get a head start. Nutrition wise I'm going to be cutting back on junk food and on sugary/fatty foods. I will join the USN in about 7years once I finish college.

Once again to those that have any tips or ideas your feedback will be greatly appreciated.
I'll start this out with the typical reminder for you to focus on the 25m target (i.e. get good grades, Pt, etc.) I'd say for now you should get comfortable with water...if that's by surfing, water polo, swimming, whatever...oxygen deprivation is the catalsyt for self-pitty, followed by quitting. Your "mental preparation" side of the question can be answered simply, "you either have it or you don't." Read the fitness thread. Guys have put good information in there.