Locating Information


Jul 31, 2020
Hello All,
Question if you have a moment. I met an individual claiming to be a recon Marine between 1998-2002. His story doesn’t quite add up. I’m essentially trying to verify his service. Having served as a Marine from 2006-2010 things he is saying he has done and been a part of couldn’t have happened in 4 years of service. Other than national archives I do not know how to verify unless there is someone in the recon teams that remembers him.

Some of his tales:
“Worked purple with Seal team 3”
“I was a DI before I got out”
“I was in Germany for a while”
“Did combined Halo jumps with seals”

I was an infantryman with 1st Battalion 5th Marines, so I know some recon and now MARSOC guys. I know that it would be a stretch to put half that in a 4 year tour.

Any thoughts?

Thanks all.