Looking for the dude what got me here


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Aug 2, 2010
Northern Wis
Soooo.....after an invite and encouragement by the HH6, I attended a link-up where I met a young 3d Batter and a USARA honcho. Had a good time, the 3d Batter recommends I check out this site, so I sign in, and right off the bat my old nickname is a no-go, not a good start, but the admins fix it, Thank You, and I infiltrate the AO looking for my new acquaintance but.......where is he? No sign of him on the link-up forum, did he delete the whole thing?

I know, no names, but where are you dude? Former 3d Batt, now a shyster in Mad City, yeah, you.

Spend most of my time on the "other" sites, don't know how much time I can share here. Probably a few people here I know, probably some I have butted heads with too.

Thanks for letting me in, I'll try not to make too much of a mess.

RLTW Lefty/Yosemite Sam/????? 13-70 BDQ 70-71