M40A3 vs. SR-25

Been preaching the semi-auto sniper rifle since I was a Lt in the 5th ID in 1985. The M21's problem was it used 1960's tech. The M25/DMR uses 21st century tech. McMillan fiberglass, SS barrels, three point Brookfield/SADLAK mounts ect. Make this system rugged accurate and reliable.

Sniping in combat is more about hitting more priority targets than the 1000 yard one shot kill on the "Field Marshal"

Oh the M24 great Target rifle built for the AMU guru's. Lacking in the combat end of the fight
We trained first on the M21's with the ART I and II scopes (pains in the ass) before we got to handle the M24's. The 24 sucked from a hide standpoint as it had no flash hider and you would blow a tossed salad about 15' in front of you if you were too close to any kind of greenery, thereby giving away your position and limiting your available positions at that. One positive side is it made me more intentional in selecting my routes and hide sites. Any improvements on those are exactly that.
The M110 SASS is still breaking. They all got shipped back to KA from 5th grp, and then came back, thus far the folks teachin are not too satisfied.

my .02 from the outside looking in.
The SR25 took about 70 in-house modifications to get it running right. But once it was, it was a great gun. M110, not so much... :mad: