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Jun 13, 2007
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who you are, what you do, what you're looking to learn/study.....

Helomedic, resident nomad and stepchild of the Army Medical Department. I've been deployed twice now, and have served in Aviation units in a CASEVAC/MEDEVAC capacity, MPs as a line medic and senior medic, and Cavalry as an Aid Station medic and Line/evac medic. currently vacationing in the desert with 1st Cav Division.

I'm a 68W10, Combat Medic, and EMT-B certified. I've been to BCT3, CMAST, and CLS instructor courses, and teach CLS to my Joes.

I'm looking to stay sharp on my current skills, as well as learn new tricks others might know that I haven't seen, and also share knowledge with other fellow practitioners of medicine.

I look forward to my brain hurting.

where's the beer? we can't learn without beer!!!!
Helo: You said you want to learn A.C.L.S.? Look up the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems. Thats a BIG start. All of the meds. and treatments stem off of the patho-phys. of that stuff. Remember: Break and gas.

Im a medical assistant. Have worked in a Morgue(no snickering),Family Practice, Interventinal Radiology, OB/GYN, Gyn/Onc, Research assistant and currently in Pulmonary medicine. I would like to get back to Gyn/onc and/or work with a more motivated patient population. COPDers are not the most inspirational group. :(
I am here by invitation and basically for the party. Ill mostly be over in the corner observing and listening.
Thanks for having me here!;)
Chop: Talk when you want. We all have stuff to add.

As for me: I am a Paramedic/FTO (Paramedic instructor) in a busy suburban county system. I was a U.S. Army combat medic/Paramedic qual'd while @ Ft. Bragg. I operated as a line medic, senior line medic and evac medic. I worked multiple rotations in the Airborne medical clinic and on the post E.M.S./Medic unit for training. I spent 4 months in Saudi Arabia in "97". I got out and re-certed my Paramedic and have been doing it since getting out. I am glad to be on here. It keeps me sane.

Alright lets see- Im a pararescueman, NREMT-P. We get a lot of follow on quals- PALS, PEPP, PHTLS, and a lot of add on stuff for the military. Focusing a lot on clinical medicine lately, and Im going on a great med rotation in the states very soon. Ive been trying to step my game up a lot lately. I dont feel week on medicine at all, but I much prefer keeping sharp as opposed to thinking im the shit and getting caught. So, thats why im here. I wanna feel stupid as much as possible!

And chop, you talk whenever you want. That goes for all!
RN (BSN with lots of masters credits) mostly women's health, labor and delivery for more years than Id wanna admit. Currently doing case management at a small (under 100 bed) hosp in central Indiana. Along the way I spent three years as a Dept of Army civilian birthing mil babies in Germany (2nd FLd Hosp Bremerhaven)
I'm going to put this in the nicest way I think I possibly can.

if you are sincere about what you posted above, my suggestion is that until you hold a real, credible, and useful cert.... make that your last post, ever - especially in here - until you fulfill the criteria I just outlined. be a sponge. sponges don't talk or type. that is all.
G - Lemme reinforce what Helo just said. Your role back here is sponge. You have ZERO real world experience, ZERO formal training as of right now. Read, Listen and sometimes ask intelligently thought out questions. If your posts back here come across with the same 'tude that I see from you out on the main loop, I for one will not hesitate to get out my "charge nurse voice". I have experienced MD's listening to me, I won't be corrected by you (or anyone else with zero training for that matter). This is your only warning from me. Now engage mind and put mouth in park.
I am a 11B (Infantrymen) with 8 years service in the NG/ RC, deployments include 1year CDTF, 29 mths OIF and 3 years SARG Instructor. Other then CLS and some do this if this happens classes from a few HSLD medics I know nothing about the medical field. I may end up having to reclass to a different MOS and have been looking at the medical field along with other options.

I want to learn more about the 68W MOS and other medical MOS's that would keep me close to the fight...
This is a great group thanks for the invite. Like I said in my original introduction I was at MEP's over a year ago where I learned that I had lost a degree of my red green color vision, probably welding, I have blue eyes. I am in great shape and have always been dialed in mentally, have 110 plus on all my GT's so I was dead set on a Ranger contract. When I found out I couldn't get a Ranger contract I was devastated but found out I could possibly at least by regulations enlist as a 68w and get a option 40, so I went home and enrolled in A&P and the likes and got into a EMT program.
To the medical community on this forum it might sound like I'm learning emergency medicine just to become a Ranger but it has become much more then that. The more a learn the more I am fascinated by medicine and what I can do with it to help people who are sick. I would be very happy to just get in as a 68w and would not want to enlist in and field that did not have to do with medicine. So my goal now is to get all my paper work together next month and go in with a recruiter after the fiscal year starts in Oct so that I have more opportunity waiver wise and job wise and go for a option 40 or 8 and then let my drive take me the rest of the way.

I don't have any paid civilian experience only credentials and volunteer time, I also read and write and speak and hear Arabic buuuut I don't yet quit know what it means that I'm reading and writing.

I would appreciate any advice and lets keep the assesments going in the medicine section.
who you are, what you do, what you're looking to learn/study.....

Currently AD with 3rd Force Recon, Paramedic since '94, 8404 since '87, Just did the 18D refresher at Tier 1 Group (great F'n Place to train) When I'm not on AD I am a Contractor with the Army teaching 68W MOSQ, CLS, CMAST, EMT-B and am a Paramedic student preceptor at our service.

I'm here to sponge up all medical goodness :)