My Christmas AK


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Jul 1, 2007
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What a country...

I use some of my Christmas $$$ and picked up this baby for a little over $300. I am planning some upgrades (furniture, optics, etc) and will be picking y'all's brains for sure.

Anyway, here's a pic.

If you have an AK, post a pic of yours too.

Merry Christmas again,


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Thanks Pardus, I appreciate it.

The only thing I don't like as it sits, is the furniture. Different shades and grains... just bugs the crap out of me. I either am going to go composite, or get a high grade matching furniture for her. Haven't decided yet.

I also did not know that this weapon came with chrome lined barrel (or it so appears), I cleaned it 100%.. (you know.. field strip and then keep on going) and after I took the grease off the breech, the face was shiny shiny like a silver coin.

I have cleaned it, but haven't had the @@#$%^$$ time to shoot it yet... Dammit!!!
I put plastic on mine, it made the butt 1.5" longer which suits me.

I agree.. with the short butt length. Seems a bit unnatural than the normal M4 with collapsible stock all the way out.

Tapco has a kit with Saw grip, collapsible stock, and Galil foregrip that I may get. I will go all black, and maybe paint it as I did my M4 on an earlier thread

Like this.

Does anyone have a painted AK to show??
LOL..ok I was wondering wtf the Hello Kitty AK comments were about! I guess I need to read more.
Nice xmas present btw 91!;)
I'm not that close to my weapons.. or I don't know them in the Biblical sense...



Now that's funny....

p.s. where is Rav lately?? Ain't seen him in a little while...

Probably off chasing his cute blonde boyfriend... :D

Rav, we love ya (in the fraternal sense) - it's just waaayyy too easy (and too much fun) to rip on ya.