Navy Reenlistment


Sep 25, 2008
I have a question on reenlistment. Right now im just an 8404 corpsman, but want to reenlist as an 8427 or recon corpsman, my question is that can u do that for starters, and second is that do you get the reenlistment bonus if you do finish the pipeline. Only people with knowledge in the answers with this question please comment.
You have to obliserverve 4 years for them to put you through the pipeline. Of course you need to have enough time left to complete the pipeline and then re-enlist once you have the NEC to cash in. If you are short you can sign a year extension or possibly extend your EAOS to completion of you COI. Do not re-enlist until you have the NEC if you want that big money. If your EAOS is like right now you could re-up for 2 years, by the time you get into the pipeline and finish the coarse of instruction you would be due to re-enlist again, as an 8427.