Sep 2, 2010
I am currently with 9th Comm BN, i pretty much hate my job. Kind of got thrown into the Comm world. I am joining this site with the hopes of gaining a little knowledge about MARSOC. I am thinking about contacting a recruiter, but i would like to know a little bit before i do that. Looking for useful advice as far as things i should do to prepare myself to go that route.
Welcome aboard.
I have found it wasn't the job I hated it was me making the job suck. I started changing me instead of changing jobs and it got a whole lot better. I am not saying this will work for you just passing on life experience from an old fossil.
Holy Crap... 9th Crime. I was there from 87-92. Do you guys still do COMMEXs on Shea Field? He was the CO when I was there. 13109 still the barracks for HQs & Support Cos?

Don't worry, no one likes being there. :) What's your MOS?

Welcome aboard Marine.

Semper Fidelis.
yep, we had a commex out there shortly before coming out to the stan. They just built new barracks right near shea field, our guys will be moving in there when we get back.
oh and my MOS is 0651 data.

Shea Field; the easiest way to go to the field... :D

Lot's of stuff you can do with a data MOS in the Corps; it's all what you make of it. Good luck with your ambitions, work hard to acheive your goals, and remember the grass isn't ALWAYS greener on the other side of the fence. :)