Newsflash: US to Invade Venezuela?


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Sep 9, 2006
We're about to attack who?:uhh:

Chavez has spouted off a lot lately about how his country needs to prepare for war with the US. At this point, a war with the US is about the only thing that's going to help him stay in power. :2c:

Dude- here's a newsflash for you- the only person who thinks the US is poised to invade Venezuela is... you. Clown. :rolleyes:
This is typical third world propaganda used by a dictator to stay in power. Turn the people's attention away from the real threat to a false one. Hey its worked in lots of countries. May even work with Chavez.
I saw that yesterday in a news article and laughed. Typical. We're such oppressors. :rolleyes:
Chavez doesn't want Venezuelans to get too relaxed, thus he rages against Yanqui Imperialism.

The spike in oil prices has led to a pretty good standard of living and increased prosperity. I can remember the food strikes that racked that country back in the late 80s, and I'm sure Chavez remembers too. He realizes that he needs to do more than provide a chicken in every pot if he wants to maintain his position. A little rhetoric goes a long way.

Venezuela was a mess not too long ago.