Paramilitary Operations Officer/Specialized Skills Officer


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May 9, 2015
I have no idea what they do, but I found this helpful article. In another article it said their training is 18 months so probably teaching the tricks of the trade. I'm thinking with per diem/foreign pay etc then the pay is pretty nice. Sounds like the majority of their time is oversea.

Also another thread on this forum was insightful
SOF to Intel Agencies

How a Military Officer Transitioned to the CIA

Inside The CIA's Covert Forces
Inside The CIA's Covert Forces

The SOG is divided into ground, maritime and air branches that have light arms, surveillance gear, riverboats and small planes. And since Sept. 11, intelligence sources tell TIME, the agency has been on a hiring binge and has spent tens of millions of dollars on extra hardware. More than a hundred CIA operatives are now in Afghanistan, collecting intelligence on Osama bin Laden and urging warlords to turn against the Taliban. For the worldwide war against terrorism, "the CIA is practically creating its own army, navy and air force," says an intelligence source.
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Oct 7, 2011
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I agree, I'm surprised the CIA would pay that low. There are LE work with less requirement and doesn't do any "operations" other than the occasional search warrant. Starts at $51k and goes up to $110k automatically in 5 years and afterward the raises are smaller.

Can't speak on this particular posting, but a good friend got a job with a 3 letter last year. He wasn't too happy with the salary they proposed to him either. Then in training he got 97$ in per diem a day, and people who lived in the DC area got something ridiculous. Then once he finished his High Threat training, he got a % based pay increase(16% I want to say), locality pay/BAH type allowance or whatever its called, $16,000 a year in separation pay, and all the other OCONUS pays + overtime.

It added up fast.