Ryan Lozier, PSC... Killed by I.E.D. Astan


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Sep 9, 2009
Two days before Mother’s Day, Viki Lozier was notified that her oldest son, Ryan Lozier, 30, a 1998 Middletown, Oh. High School graduate, was killed by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan while working for Global Security Solutions, a private security company.
Viki Lozier said her son served eight years in the Army Ranger Battalion in Afghanistan and Iraq. He worked for a year in the private sector, then joined the security company.
Ryan Lozier, who was divorced, was set to marry Gwen Clymo, 23, in June, his mother said. He has a daughter, Izabella, who is 8 months old.
His father, Phillip, lives in Indiana.
Lozier’s body was flown from Afghanistan to Dover, Del., his brother said. His body will return to Middletown, Oh. this week, then be buried at Woodside Cemetery, the family said. Funeral arrangements are pending.

“Last night, watching the American Flag draped across you, dancing in the wind as our Chinook cut through the cool crisp night across southern Afghanistan on our final flight together... a tear rolled down my face as I thought of your Facebook profile and its quote, "Lifes goal should not be to show up at your final resting spot in a well rested, well preserved body ready to pass on.... But rather sliding in side ways tired, beaten down, yelling holy shit what a ride...late for your own passing!"
-You achieved your goal, Brother.
-One of us will be next to you all the way home.
RIP. You will never be forgotten.”----- A close brother O-Pos.

For those of you who don't know, Ryan served in 1/75 Ranger Bn and RTB when in the military. He was soon to come home from PSC work and rejoin the Army with hopes to go to SF selection right away.
Rest easy Brother. RLTW!:(
This IED bullshit is getting fucking out of hand. RIP and Salute, Ryan, and I hope and pray your death is avenged with interest.
RIP Brother.....:( We'll meet in Valhalla.......

You can stand at ease now.


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My first thought was 'what a waste', but he gave for a noble cause greater than us all, freedom.

Thank you, I mean that sincerely.

RIP and condolences to your loved ones.

Was near this tragic event when it occurred.... a little know fact of how many warriors are supporting the COIN effort working for PSCs. My God bless his family and friends. I pray that he receives a warm, welcome to the warrior patrol base in the sky......

As for IEDs getting out of hand? it is not the device - it is the Network that must be disassembled that is building and emplacing them - something our brothers are working hard at each and every night!