Verified Military
Jan 2, 2020
Hey guys, so I've been trying to go to SFAS for about 2 years now. But I was medically disqualified the first time I tried, after fighting my leadership and going to FAST class to raise my GT score as a private. Now I became an NCO, returned from an overseas rotation, Pcs'd, and tried my physical again and everything was good ! I started doing the SF pt prep with the recruiters and it is rough as fuck but I love it. My date for SFAS is coming up, and I am very excited. I just been super busy with college classes, my wife's pregnancy, getting new soldiers that arrived from Basic, and SF prep. I have kept a good attitude from what I think it's just my leadership is against me going because we have a busy training schedule. I care less what they think about what I should do with my career. I just can't fail. Thank you guys. I'm sorry I am just trying to vent. Hope you all have had a blessed New Years so far.