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I'm confused on something-
What's with SF and all their extra schools (MFF, CDQC, Pathfinder, Ranger, etc.)
I know they have specific teams for most of these guys, but I'm just lost on who gets to go. I see some pictures of ODAs where all the guys are Triple Canopy, MFF, etc. and others where it's the long tab and jump wings. Major respect to anyone- I hate to sound like a badge queer. Just trying to understand how guys get schools.
Short answer is that it depends on the Team's mission.

If assigned to a MFF team, after a suitable period for your Team Daddy to take your measure, you will probably go to MFF school. Same with a dive team and so on. Everybody wants to stay on a good, cohesive team as long as they can but, as a guy gets experience and rank he gets moved around. So you may end up with a guy with HALO wings and/or a scuba bubble on a mountain team.

What you find out in short order is that all of the "really" cool-guy schools don't have any badges or patches at all.
Most of the guys reporting in to teams already went to those schools in their previous units prior to going SF. Most guys coming in from the infantry depending on what unit will have CIB, EIB, Novice, senior or master rated wings, Air assualt, RGR, PFDR, etc.

I came in to SF as a E-6 11 Bravo with a short tab and some other cool guy patches.

in fact, I'm the only team guy on my team with a short tab and a JM. I cant even send guys to JM because of our OPTEMPO which sucked for me (as the only JM) during our friendship jump on our JCET which was last week.