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Feb 22, 2008
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Suck. As soon as I can figure out how to upload pictures on here I've got something that'll make you all laugh.

As a side note, anyone planning on or going to be training with Sims, buy a paintball mask hahaha.

I spend anywhere between 2 to 4 days a week doing SIMUNITION training. It's great skill building, but the lack of recoil takes away a bit of the realism. That's why I shoot IPSC and USPSA matches.

In fact, I just finished four days in a shoot house, going up against SWAT serving a "search warrant".

It's a great force multiplier, showing them the basics again... "NEVER pass a danger area, to get to a danger area." :cool:

We use Glock 17T's and M4's...

I hold "Non-lethal Training Instructor" Certs from Simunition, as well as Ken Murray (Train at the Speed of Life).

Fun fun fun.

Each class, I somehow manage to get shot in the balls at least once. I have lost fingernails so many times I can't count.
Hmmmmmm...been around/carried a few shields...never had to cant like that....maybe a 10 degreee cant or so...but not that pronounced....

Looks to me like he's pointing at the breach point vice aligned for a shot.....see the guy leaning down to his right?

and just where is that 2nd guys hand in the second pic?? ;);)

The Gangsta hold on the shield guy, is just that. So you can get a very clear sight picture while looking through the view port of the shield. When you are wearing body armor, and holding the level 4 bunker shield, it is very common to cant your weapon like that. I consistently engage targets with no issues at all... regardless of the way the weapon is held, as long as the sight picture is proper.

I am 6'4 and I weigh 230 pounds. I have very long arms... and because of my arm length, I don't have to hold the pistol completely 90 degrees to the ground to get a sight picture. Those with shorter arms are not so lucky.

As for the guys hand... that is very comon on SWAT teams. They "squeeze" the rear of the thigh as they tap up... When you are in SIM's helmets, sometimes your hearing is not as good... and body armor let's you miss tap ups sometimes. That's why some teams have adopted the squeeze.

I am comfortable enough with my sexuality that I don't mind if some guy squeezes the rear of my thigh. As long as they don't make eye contact, I'm cool with it.


One thing that you door kickers have to understand is this... LEO's work off entirely different ROE's than the Military does. When they serve 1000 search warrants, they may never fire a single round. But, there is that 1% out there, that will fight. That's why we train against them. I know the floor plan, I know their tactics, and I am very pissed off that they are coming into my "home".

So, if there is a hole in their tactics... we exploit the hell out of it.

I have the best job on the planet!!!
It really doesn't matter how you hold the gun as long as you line up the sightsand can control it.