I actually had a moron section commander that thought sleeping in a stream (after watching the original) would be the best thing since vagina. There should be a no idiot with stripes who might get fucked up ideas rating for movies like this. We could call it the F rating for "fuckstick".
I wasn't even aware they had a 2nd and 3rd due to avoiding the first one so avidly I guess. I am embarrassed for humanity that these type of movies even, and that people exist who have come to me over the years and asked "have you ever seen Sniper?", with the look of a 5yo child who wants me to see the crooked, fucked up Popsicle stick house they just glued together that actually looks more like a Guatemalan public toilet. I am happy to balance out the universe by answering with a resounding "NO", and a condescending look that would make Satan feel bad about himself.

If I could have liked this more than once I would have hit the button about 10 times.
Billy Zane? what a tool. I think I would rather watch infomercials than this.
The sheer number of cliched sentences in just the trailer + romance in a action thriller + a US serviceman going AWOL = a movie LL is not going to watch.

I saw the original. The part where they showed a bullet in-flight with the casing still attached let me know that it was going to be a goooooooooooood film.