State of the Union Address


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Sep 9, 2006
I joined late so I don't know what happened earlier and I was only able to watch for a little while, but I've got to say in the part that I saw that President Biden seems articulate, comfortable, and collected. He looked good. He sounded good. I felt that the part of the SOU I saw tonight was something that the country needs right now.

Any other reactions? --and a request to please keep comments professional
So after 5 Years of wanting to defund police, Biden shows his true colors and wants to fund police? I thought that was racist?

Also, why is it that if a Democrat says Buy American that is completely cool and when a Republican says it, it's you know...racist?

Everyone complaining about Boerbert and MTG seem to forget "The Squad". But hilariously, Rashida Tlaib, a card carrying member of "The Squad" was one of three Democratic responses to the SOTU, why were there three? Or even one?

I went to a college baseball game and have been catching up on this. I've heard it was just awful, and that came from both sides of friends. Then had some weird friends that thought it was AMAZING.
I’m not a fan of President Biden. I think he is too old, says stupid off hand shit, and had a semi shady past.

If you really look at what he has done, not what has been advertised(or attacked by your party of choice), he actually is doing mostly the same shit as Trump. We all want the same things, more American jobs, less inflation…so on and so forth… he is just doing it in a way that is offensive to a different sect of America.

I haven’t delved into old posts on here, but I’m sure I can find some complaining about gas prices and his attacks on drilling….well in 2021 we were at our second highest production ever.

My gripe is that he is all talk. Other than the keystone pipeline, and some things he did his first 100 days, he has basically continued Trumpian policies.