Excellent site for bulk reloading at lower than average prices: ( I have used and recommend)

Target supplies (E-type silouhettes and more)

Everything tactical at this store: (used it for AK parts)

Two if my favorite manufacturers:

Tactical Tailor:

Eagle Industries:

I am a former VP of Sales and Bus Dev of OPSGEAR - great company, great gear, and a great group of people!

David Burnell, Founder/CEO, has been providing training to MIL units and LE at no cost for years at the Urban Warfare Center His way of giving back to the community of warriors (you all) who protect us at home and abroad.

Diamondback Tactical

Blade Tech

Mission Knives
Phantom Lights
Quantico Arms
High Speed Gear
Tactical Assault Gear
Triple Aught Design
Southwest Motor Sports
Practical Tactical
Crye Precision
SKD Tactical
SOE Gear
London Bridge Trading
SO Tech.
SORD Australia
Safety Systems
Outdoor Research
Revision Eyewear
Arena Industries
Tactical Command Industries
Pentagon Light
County Comm.
Inova Light
Lathrop & Sons
OTB Boots
Trauma Packs
Drop Zone Tactical
Orc Industries
Strider Knives
Busse Knives
SOG Knives

CSM gear is a great company run by a former SARC. He designs and makes all of his own gear and will customize anything you want. A lot of his gear comes in the FSBE kit. BDS tactical (because dying sucks) is another good one, its run by an old Force Recon guy. Used to be called Special Operations Equipment. I didn't see Amron, TSSI (, SOTECH (, or R&S tactical ( mentioned. CSM gear is a disable veteran owned small business and you can sole source purchase from that company if you are doing a government buy. Mystery Ranch makes the best rucks available:

If Bravo doesn't have it, then you probably don't need it on your AR15. Just kidding, but you'll find most everything you could want or need from

British gear
New Zealand gear
Huge selection of exotic uniforms.

(Turn the volume down on your computer when opening this!)

Teufel said:
BDS tactical (because dying sucks) is another good one, its run by an old Force Recon guy. Used to be called Special Operations Equipment.

Not to be argumentative but BDS was never SOE nor was it owned by the same person as SOE. BDS was at one time owned by the x-wife of John Willis (the original owner of SOE and designer of their gear). I am unsure who owns BDS at this time, and am under the impression she sold it to one of her investors, however the majority of their gear are knock-offs of John's original designs. For the same amount of money you can own the original.


Triple Aught Design "israel" italia canada canada

I work for ADS Tactical, Inc. I am not a sales person, so I have no angle here. That said, the company is the largest supplier of operational equipment in the world outside the stock system. We have strong buyer agreements with thousands of manufacturers (most of those listed above in this thread) and represent roughly 300,000+ products. The company actually began with servicing special operations units' tactical gear and kitting needs. Over 50% of the company is prior-service and everyone takes the desire to serve the military very seriously.

Again, I do not sell anything. I am just really impressed with the company and see from the inside that they have a genuine commitment to serving those in the armed services. They also have a great deal of experience with helping units request/justify unfunded requirements.
Canmore Alberta at the moment. IIRC they were going to be moving around a fair bit.

Is he looking for a specific brand? How long will he be "here" . I'll take a look.

He can start with this place in Calgary.

Crown Outdoor & Tactical
1005 - 11 Street S. E.
Calgary, Alberta
T2G 3E9

Phone - 1 (403) 265-1754
Crown Outdoor & Tactical
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