Support Billets at CNSWC?


Touches the flame
May 13, 2008
What would a CTA2 do in Coronado at "CNSWC"?

I had verbal orders to Fort Belvoir (NGIA) but an E-6 got it.
So, now my detailer has given me a bunch of really cool sounding billets. But I have no idea what I'll be doing. I know there's lots of Team guys here on the boards and I'm sure some of you have taught there.

For CT's in Coronado, is it a staff billet?

Do you deploy with the Teams like the Seabee's and TCS guys do?

Or do you just stay in Coronado and do admin stuff for the 1-star?

Just trying to get a feel for what to expect - I report NLT MAR 09.
It's between this, a direct support billet at JSOC in North Carolina and a Ft. Meade billet.

Standing by for some help! :D

Do you enjoy being an A brancher/YN? If so, then that is exactly what you'll be doing at NSWC/JSOC/NSAW (Fort Meade, not Fallon). It's a staff billet, however you'll be doing the same work as you would be doing at a NIOC/NSGA.

Word of the wise, cross-rate (CTR/CTI/CTN/IS). If you have any questions hit me up on my work email and I'll get you the other addresses.
Also consider NECC. There's NEIC (Intel Unit) and MCAG (Civil Affairs Group) as two units where you skills may be of use. EOD and Riverine may also have great use for your rate.

It also opens other doors for you from there.

Both are East Coast (Little Creek).

Not Special Warfare units, but potential for making great inroads is there.

Concur with SigO, especially NECC/NEIC. The office I work in is currently preparing to undertake a merger for support to NECC/NEIC forces. Another thing for the CTA2, is an NECC component...I don't think they have A branchers, but I would also look into NECC's MIO IET program.
Can't believe I missed this thread.
JSOC is a good gig, or I'd take the SPECWARCOM job.
Can you call the guy that's there now and get a lowdown?

I got out, didn't re-enlist. I'm a contractor in Crystal City for someone.