TACP and my current contract

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Jan 13, 2016
Hello, first of all, thank you to anyone who responds to this with any advice be it positive or negative. It means a lot. I am currently scheduled to leave for basic in 5 days under a mechanical aptitude contract. I took the PAST test for TACP on the 4th and passed everything but the sit ups ( got 50, was docked 5 for form, needed 48). I failed and will make no excuses. I also acknowledge that I need to greatly exceed minimums to pass indoc alone (I promise I'll get to the question soon thank you for bearing with me).

When I first walked into the recruiters office I told him I wanted to do TACP but that I needed time to train because I hadn't even exercised in over a year. He informed me that I should go to meps to get that out of the way since it takes 6-9 months to get a contract anyways and that would be plenty of time to train. I agreed and 6 days after meps he told me to sign the mechanical aptitude contract that I have now. I told him I needed more time to train but he insisted that I sign the contract or I would be discharged from the DEP.

I'm fully dedicated to joining the air force but I leave in 5 days and would like to not have to wait years to cross train if I can help it. Is my recruiter lying to me? If I call his bluff could I get barred for life like he has threatened? Any insight or help with my situation would be greatly appreciated. If I've stepped on any toes feel free to rip me a new one as well. Thank you all.

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