TACPs Role in the Future

@AlphaVictor, in broad UNCLASS terms, how would you say technology has advanced or changed your field? How how has that shaped or changed how TACP's are used in the field vice a BN/ BDE/ ASOS?

I ask because I work with a TAC C2 organization that deals directly with ASOS' in CENTCOM, so I can see that side of the business model. I'm curious how all of that ties together and the future of the career field (since that seems to be the gist of this thread).

The advent of equipment that allows for real-time moving map imagery to battle track and pull targeting data from has been very useful to the JTAC on the ground. I can't speak to its use downrange, but I can tell you in training it is almost the norm nowadays to use such programs. If I remember correctly, there are now means by which this information can be transmitted to other parties, such as the aircraft you are working with as well as other JTACs for enhanced SA and battle tracking. There is a push towards increased use of Digitally Aided CAS, both in the field and in the TOC. New technology is always appreciated, however some of it is better in theory than in actual practical application, as the cable management situation is still a nightmare for some of these new systems. But overall, the job has never been easier thanks to all the new tools and technology we have at our disposal. We still prefer to be out forward with the grunts, but can be extremely effective controlling from a TOC if we have real time video downlink from the aircraft's targeting pod or from an ISR asset.

Also, here's something you may find interesting:

Would you happen to know what the exact job description or job code that was? If so could we DM?, I don't want to derail this thread more than I already might be.
I'm a ANG TACP looking into wildland firefighting to fill the gaps between guard bumming, it'd be much appreciated. Cheers.
Hey There, current hotshot firefighter with the US Forest Service. I’m currently pursuing a position in the national guard with a TACP unit. Any Wildland fire related questions please feel free to PM. If anybody would like the information posted publicly I’d be happy to contribute.