The North Korea Thread

So, this reportedly happened as well:
_s2_fwd_ on Instagram: "North Korea says it flew 150 warplanes in response to US-ROK naval drills. DPRK says exercise took place Saturday, in what experts call rare flight activity that sought to test allies’ response. North Korea on Monday revealed that over 150 warplanes conducted airstrike drills last week, including in a previously unreported flight on Saturday. The ROK military reportedly knew about the Oct. 8 flights in North Korea involving 150 airplanes and scrambled F-35As to respond. But unlike when the North conducted a similar drill on Thursday, South Korea did not disclose these moves to the public because the DPRK kept the planes north of a “special reconnaissance line.” Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) announced in the evening on Oct. 6 that 12 North Korean warplanes including bombers and jets flew in formation at around 2 p.m. KST conducting air-to-surface strike drills. Some of these DPRK jets crossed the special reconnaissance line, a critical reconnaissance boundary drawn by the ROK military to monitor North Korean activities. Although that line is well north of a no-fly zone the two Koreas agreed to in 2018, as well as another recon line called the Tactical Action Line (TAL) that triggers a more serious response from the South Korean military, the South Korean military sent their own planes to an unspecified area to demonstrate an “overwhelming” show-of-force demonstration. #russia #ukraine #worldnews #iran #israel #war #military #conflict #china #taiwan #northkorea #news #NATO #lejeune #jacksonville #middleeast #asia #currentevents #trending #breaking #terrorism #surfcity #sneadsferry #politics #army #navy #airforce #marines #usmc"

Not an aircraft built in the last 50 years in those pics. If the numbers are true, after shooting his wad on this display, they've probably reduced their readiness to near zero. On paper they have a variety of old airframe that total ~570. Maintenance is probably cannibalizing a bunch of those.

There may not be a better time than now to launch an air attack against DPRK. 😉

Edit: I have no idea why the link is showing up like that. Sorry.