Top Sniper on the Military Channel


Verified Military
Verified Military
Oct 24, 2006
Any one find the Full Show??

[ame=""]YouTube - Top Sniper[/ame]
WillardKurtz said:
Wow it looks good, I should have watched it last night when it was on.

Apparently The Irish Team did very well.. Any one by any Chance Record it?
It will re-air tomorrow night, (01-17-2008) at 7pm, central time, on the Military channel
Can anyone make a DVD copy for me? I'll be happy to reimburse the cost plus shipping?

Did any SOTIC (from any group) go?

Alot of blurry faces... :doh:

Thanks for the thread, Irish
Some blurry Irish faces there too :)

Can some one record it please??
Canadians are the dudes with the Desert Cadpat smocks, baseball hats and blurred faces.
fishsmom said:
your just saying that because you are Irish.


Well 9th place overall, ain't bad for an Army who don't have a Barrett in its Inventory;)