US Priorities for 21th Century Defense

I just gave it a cursory look, and can say as a whole, I agree(not that I matter). I do, also, agree with Obama's downsizing of the military. A big military is not a good military. Filling 4th battalions and 4th brigades is definitely not good for the force, Rumsfeld and Bush were dead wrong. There's no realistic threat that would require such a large force, it was done entirely to facilitate these large scale 'whatever you call thems' in Afghanistan and Iraq.

When a real military threat arises, the Air Force and Navy will crush it and the Army and Marines will clean up.
SecDef Gates had released some statements to the effect that any engagements with Iran or North Korea would be (mainly) an AF/Navy operation. I thought it was because the Army was too engaged in Iraq/Afghanistan. Guess I was wrong.

I wouldn't want to put a Land Force into Iran, too sucky.
I would be worried if I was South Korea though. This tells me that we are starting to cut the umbilical cord, and they will be on their own soon. I think that is overdue.
In this era, the word could more or less be won by the Navy and Air Force. We could, at least, diminish their forces to a point where they would no longer be much of a threat- foreign SOF type units and an insurgency wouldn't be much of a threat if we didn't want it to be (as in, we don't land ground forces and try to 'rebuild' their savage nation).

North Korean ground forces wouldn't be of much use without air or armor support. Massed ground troops (Korean War style) would be cut to pieces with modern technology. I don't know what type of SOF forces N Korea has, but without infantry, artillery, and air support- I doubt they are much of a worry for the ROK. Hell, the best SOF forces in the world are no match for comparable conventional infantry without support (ODA vs. 82nd Airborne rifle platoon would probably result in an epic failure).