Was there someone hanged???

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Aug 14, 2006
I always thought Benedict Arnold was hanged for treason during the Revolutionary War. I just finished watching the History Channel and they said he lived in England the rest of his life after switching sides. Was there someone famous that was hanged for treason during that time period?? I googled it and came up empty
Hm, I believe Knowlton was hanged by the British for being a spy, that's the only one that comes to mind.
Nathan Hale by the Brits for treason.

Kind of a nobody who did nothing, but apparently died very well, hence his fame.
There's also John Andre. He was Arnold's British handler, caught by the Americans. He begged Washington to be shot as a gentleman rather than hanged as a spy. Washington didn't listen to him.

Hale is in the American pantheon not because of what he did but because of why he did it," -- former CIA chief Richard Helms

Good enough for me.
Hale is in the American pantheon not because of what he did but because of why he did it," -- former CIA chief Richard Helms

Good enough for me.

Dont forget, he was a tratoir, guiltey of treson to the crown.
I agree, hence Franklin's line about hanging together or hanging seperately.
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Going into any war you are not the good guys or the bad guys. That is only determined by who the loser is.:doh: If you think about it, it's the truth. If we would have lost WWII, our Govt and Generals would have been put on trial for war crimes.:doh:
You could make the same argument about the signers of the Declaration of Independence. I am quite glad that they did what they did.

True, but I will add that its not an argument, its fact.

Right or wrong, what they did was treason, however it could be argued that they were terrorists....

This is not meant as anything inflammitory/against the founding fathers etc... I have a lot of respect for them, just talking about facts/opinions :2c:
Terrorists? They dont even fit the definition of a terrorist, Premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by sub national groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience.

traitors sure, terrorist.. uh no.
Dude, that is exactly what they did, the only thing about your definition that needs looking into is perpetrated against noncombatant targets and I bet you either 24 hrs with your M4 or some sillicone ;) that I could prove it if I could be fucked doing so...

I can understand if you have your rogue warriors doing their own thing (as like our Haditha incident etc), but I haven't read anything stating George Washington sanctioned acts of violence against noncombatants.
No I dont think GW did that at all, but he lead a force that im sure did commit those acts, sanctioned or not, therefore making him guilty of it.

I refer you all to the trial of Jochiem Peiper, and his conviction over the Malmedy massacre.