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Feb 8, 2010
Really weird timing for me as I had not been back to this site in some time. Glad to see it's still around :)


Special Forces
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Apr 12, 2017
Welcome back. has been modified and brought back online, absent the main site for the time being. The majority of posts were transferred intact; however, you will notice several links will no longer work (/vb/ was removed from the URL path). The mentor section has been hidden for the time being until a suitable replacement is identified. In the mean time members can engage through the mentor forum or via PM.

@ShadowSpear is the only staff member for the time being, which will obviously change as soon as possible. In the mean time, if you feel the need to report any content you can do so by hitting the report button listed at the bottom of each post. The community forum rules were updated and can be found here. The entire help section was tweaked, with some areas needing more work, but it suits its purpose for now.

The images associated with “likes” needs to be reconfigured; however, the stats are being recorded.

Please submit any technical issues through the help desk!
Glad that it's back! I've been missing reading posts.