Western forces to blame for rising violence in Afghanistan: Karzai


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Feb 8, 2007
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Time for an election and a new leader to be put in place. Otherwise, it's time to pack up and go home.

Western forces to blame for rising violence in Afghanistan: Karzai

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CBC News

Afghan President Hamid Karzai puts the blame for rising violence in his country on international forces, saying they have mismanaged the fight against the resurging Taliban.
Karzai said in an interview on Indian television that the West risks losing peoples' goodwill and that its forces should have done more to crack down on Taliban and al-Qaeda bases outside the country.
In the interview with CNBC TV 18 aired Monday, he didn't directly mention bases in Pakistan, but his government has singled out that country in the past.
Karzai's criticism — including his insistence that civilian casualties must stop — is important in light of his stated plan to stand for re-election next year. The president is often criticized in Afghanistan for being too close to the United States and Britain.
The president said Western forces did not focus on "sanctuaries of terrorists" despite his government's warnings over the past five years.
"It was a serious neglect of that, in spite of our warning," he said, adding that other former members of the Taliban who had given up arms were unfairly hunted down within Afghan borders.
"Some of the Taliban who have laid down their arms, who are living in the Afghan villages peacefully, who have accepted Afghanistan's new order, they were chased, they were hunted for no reason, and they were forced to flee the country," he said, according to Reuters.
An American-led coalition drove out the ultra-conservative Islamic Taliban government in late 2001. The United States accused the Taliban government of harbouring Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, which Washington blamed for a number of deadly attacks.
The Taliban is now fighting to bring down the Afghan government and drive out the foreign troops who back it.
Karzai is a Pashtun, I have never trusted him.

This whole article os so typical of the political slant of the war. WE (Coalition) aren't doing enough yet his own (Afghan) forces refuse to fight? But this is the West's fault?

What are we supposed to do, invade a nuclear nation to satisfy this tool? If he'd reign in his Pashtun border-crossing brothers then things would stop.

Fuck this guy.
"Dear President Karzai,

We (the west) realise now the grevious errors we have made that have worsened the security situation in your wonderful, progressive, advanced society.

We now see that you are right and that our presence in Afghanistan is only making things worse for the country as a whole.

So in order for peace, progressiveness, harmony and freedom to once again engulf your country we realise with heavy hearts that we must leave and take all vestiges of our decadent western civilization with us.

We apologise for the repulsive aid including but not restricted to medicine, education, money, phones, equality for shameful women etc... I could go on but it pains me to think of all the harm we have brought your country and people trying to bring you out of the 14th century, please forgive us despite us being repulsive infidels.

Please give our regards to the Taliban when they occupy our bases in the days following our departure.

In deepest shame.

The Decadent West."

Let him sort out his own defense.