What is your favourite sidearm


Dec 27, 2009
just got back from vacation in texas, and after spending about 500 bucks in the range, i have to say im in love with anything by kimber, and the fn five seveN so i was wondering what peoples prefrence is on sidearms?
What is your favourite sidearm

Mine is the full size Glock 21... it fits my large hands like a custom gun and 13+ rounds of .45 ACP in one hand is nice.
Unfortunatly, I dont have one anymore.....the wife dont like em around the house.....sadness for me but I am chipping away at that verneer. I am trying to get my dad to give me his 1911 .45 nickle plate with ivory hand guards. He won it in a football junk @ work. Basically paid like 5.00 for it. It's a beaut, has ivory hand guards with an eagle on them. The guy who had it said it was a Navy Lt's in Vietnam. I have shot it before and I love it.
The ones I've carried for 30 years...stainless steel Ruger Speed Six 357...blue Smitty M-10 M&P 38sp+P with Pacmyer grips...and the one I just ordered two weeks ago that I will be carrying, the SA 1911-A1 GI Champion 4" 45acp with parkerized finish and walnut grips. (I'd carry a rifle if I could, but they are difficult to stuff under a Hawaiian shirt.:cool:)
On trails, 4" S&W 686 (.357), Beretta 96 (.40), but I'm getting very comfortable with my new S&W 1911. Just got a belt holster (kinda non-descript), which clips onto the belt, with a mag pouch in front of it. Bit loose but that's just fine for hiking.
i tried a glock il admit there good pistols, but i just couldnt get a comfortable with them. shame really

Everyone has their preference. Strangely enough, I shoot more accurately with my SS 228, but I shoot better with my Glock.

Yes, I know it doesn't make any sense... :confused:
I alway had better scores shooting my SIG 226 in 9MM, I carried it on duty in LE until I got SIG 220's authorized for SWAT people. I prefer the .45 caliber pistols; however, I also must use and conform to what I need to do the job at hand and the clothes I'm wear
For reliability I love all my Glocks. For Accuracy I love all my 1911’s. For an in between I love my Berretta 92FS.

All in all I love my G19/G22/G26 for carry and do carry them the most, My Kimber Custom II is my old faithful that sits in my nights stand drawer and my 92FS is the pistol I enjoy shooting at the range the most…
It depends on what pistol I buy this month. :D

Last month I picked up the XDm .40 Smith & Wesson and a SA Loaded Black stainless 1911 .45 ACP.

I carried the Sig P228 9mm for years once I recieved my CCDW permit here in Kentucky. It's been 100% reliable through all these years. I have changed barrels twice due to high round counts and springs once. It still shoots tight enough groups to keep me happy.

My favorite handgun ?? Springfield Armory TRP Operator and Night Hawk Custom GRP, both 1911's. chambered in .45 ACP
I'm just starting my collection. Right now I have a Bersa Thunder Plus 380 I really like. A girl's gotta start somewhere. I'm looking at a Taurus PT-22 for my next purchase as it will be easier for me to conceal without a coat in the summer.

Hubby just picked up a Taurus 9mm today and I can't wait to try it out.