Will swimmers ear inhibit me from joining?

Magic Eye

Jul 29, 2010
I have recently contracted a case of swimmers ear, this is the second time in probably about 3 years. I do not think that it is a chronic condition, but I am going to a specialist to make sure. My question is if that it is a chronic condition, will I be turned away from SWCC?
I used to get swimmer's ear every summer, but the Army let me play for 28 years. I wouldn't worry about it. Try this.......

Make a concoction of half water, half hydrogen peroxide. Heat it to personal tolerance, then use an eye dropper to put it in your ears - one at a time :doh:. Let it soak a while, then drain it out.
Exostoses (boney lumps) take decades to reach sizes enough to be a problem. Car's correct, if you can make a solution or get one from a chemist it will assist.