Will Turkey Invade Iraq?


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Sep 9, 2006
Lots of articles in the paper recently talking about how Turkey is posturing for an incursion into Iraq to clear out the PKK in Kurdistan. Do you think they'll do it?
Not if they want their application into the EU to be approved.

The Turks have a terrible human rights record when it comes to the Kurds.

I cannot see them invading and risking a fight with the US and political fallout with the EU, that would also probably draw the KDP into the fight alongside the PKK, hopefully this is all just posturing.
This has been an issue for some time now, and one of the main reasons, in my outsiders opinion, why we didn't get enough bodies to the fight when we first went in to Iraq. Remember that the 4th ID was denied access to Iraq via Turkey...
Remember that the 4th ID was denied access to Iraq via Turkey...

They did the same thing to us when we were enroute to astan and we ended up sleeping in a gym in Moron, Spain with another unit.
More fuel on the fire:


ANKARA, Turkey (AP) - Kurdish rebels fired rockets and grenades at a Turkish military outpost Monday, killing seven soldiers in an attack that heightened tension at a time when Ankara has threatened military action against the rebels in northern Iraq.

The army sent helicopter gunships and reinforcements to Tunceli province in southeastern Turkey after two guerrillas rammed a vehicle into the military post, threw hand grenades and opened fire with automatic weapons, the governor's office said.

Soldiers returned fire, killing one attacker who authorities said had explosives strapped to his body. Local media said the second attacker escaped injured.

Several other guerrillas simultaneously opened fire on the outpost from a nearby forest, the governor's office said. The attack left seven soldiers dead and seven injured. One of the injured was in critical condition, authorities said.

The attack came as Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul told European Union officials visiting Ankara that "we have every right to take measures against terrorist activities directed at us from northern Iraq."
Both the Kurds and the Turks are simply posturing and waiting for the right time to light the region up. Last heard, Turkey had massed some 2 or 3 divisions on the boarder in anticipation to this reality. If Iraq unravels or the US pulls out a significant portion of it's security resources out of Iraq, it won't be just Iran and the Saudis mixing it up in the ensuing political vacuum formally known as Iraq.
New Zealand is amassing a platoon to invade, be afraid be very afraid!
I was at one time invited to Iraq as a guest of the KDP I turned the offer down due to a difference in opinion.
I later went to Turkey as a tourist and being not so bright discovered after returning that I'd carried a bussiness card from a senior member of the KDP in my wallet the entire time! :rolleyes: :doh:
quickly Mohamed hide the sheep!!}:-)

Start using spell check (and using proper grammar to the best of your ability), you've been advised on this before, do it, it's no longer a request.

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Start using spell check (and using proper grammer to the best of your ability), you've been advised on this before, do it, it's no longer a request.

You will learn while you are here, we will make you better or...

OK? :)

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Sources: Thousands of Turkish troops enter Iraq

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) -- Several thousand Turkish troops crossed into northern Iraq early Wednesday to chase Kurdish guerrillas who operate from bases there, Turkish security officials said.
Two senior security officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media, said the raid was limited in scope and that it did not constitute the kind of large incursion that Turkish leaders have been discussing in recent weeks.
"It is not a major offensive and the number of troops is not in the tens of thousands," one of the officials told The Associated Press by telephone. The official is based in southeast Turkey, where the military has been battling separatist Kurdish rebels since they took up arms in 1984.
The officials did not say where the Turkish force was operating in northern Iraq, nor did he say how long they would be there.
The officials said any confrontation with Iraqi Kurdish groups, who have warned against a Turkish incursion, could trigger a larger cross-border operation. The Turkish military has asked the government in Ankara to approve such an incursion, but the government has not given formal approval.
An official at military headquarters in Ankara declined to confirm or deny the report that Turkish troops had entered Iraq.