You put your left hand in. You take your left hand out. You put your left hand in and you shake it all about.


Sep 20, 2019
Fort Polk, LA
Hello every single person on Shadow Spear. A friend of mine informed me of how awesome this community is and that the content within its coffers is often valuable. After browsing over the rules and exploring a bit, I would have to agree.

I am in the US Army. I have served this great nation for some time over 16 years. I have held many different positions over that time. I enlisted as a 91W(68W) and have remained in that MOS throughout my career. I have served as a line medic with various conventional combat arms MOSs (i.e.: infantry, scouts, combat engineers, tankers...), all of which are unique in their own manner. I’ve broken up deployments with a couple TRADOC jobs in SATX and the pan handle of Florida.

The last nine-ish years I have rested into the field of being a flight medic/paramedic. I converted to the religion of pathophysiology in 2013 as the army transitioned from the identifier F3 to F2. I’ve been a few places and experienced a few enjoyable tasks in this profession that has consumed the latter half of my career.

I love to share knowledge if I have it. I enjoy bettering a society in which I live. If there is any insight that I am able to contribute that could possibly bring anyone closer to bettering themselves, or those around them, then I am happy to assist.

Likewise, I do not enjoy being uninformed when I am searching for newer, and sometimes greater, paths in life. I look forward to using this as a resource in to knowledge. Equally, I look forward to finding good people in which I enjoy friendships.

Thank you for allowing me in to your community.